Paul McCartney hammers Super Bowl Home for Nascar

Where do they get off having him play Baby You Can Drive My Car directly following all those car commercials and Nascar ads? Don't people notice how they're being manipulated here? Can't they find someone else to do their flash-bang marketing? Does Paul McCartney have no shred of integrity left? I'll never be able to listen to Hey Jude again without picturing thousands of idiots waving little glow-stick things in the air and holding placards that spell out Na Na Na Na Na Na Na. If I had a gun I would at least hold it in my mouth for awhile, to see what being that stupid might feel like. The only redeeming feature was that fucked up Lays chips commercial with M.C. Hammer and the bar was too loud for me to hear what was going on. A toast to the general apathy of this Great Nation! A toast to pre-game shows 19 hours before kick-off! A cheers to celebrity exploitation and Fox "News-Casters" and fireworks exploding across the night sky while Paul croons out our morals in a nutshell for us... LIVE AND LET DIE. We should consider changing out national motto. What is it now? Live and let buy? I'm out. Can't take it. ... update: or you could check out this hair-brained theory Paul McCartney - Super Bowl Anarchist?


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