US Judge Sets December Date to Execute Nobel Peace Prize Nominee & Crips gang founder Stanley "Tookie" Williams


Please contact California Governer Arnold Schwarzenegger via this link California Gov Mail regarding this very pertinent issue. Stanley Williams turned his life around in prison and has become an exemplary model for young people today. He does not deserve the death penalty. He deserves a fair trial with an ethnically-mixed impartial jury and at the very worst should serve life in prison without possibility of parole. Please contact the governer and plead with him for a stay of execution and ask your friends to do the same.

"...since receiving his death sentence, Williams, 51, has renounced his gang past, penned children's books, been the subject of a television movie starring Jamie Foxx and been nominated for the world's top peace prize."
"...no condemned murderer has been granted clemency in California since 1967."
"Known as "Big Took" to fellow Crips, Williams helped build the gang into a nationwide criminal enterprise that continues to spawn street violence more than 30 years later.

He was convicted and sentenced to death for committing four 1979 murders, but he has consistently maintained his innocence.

The first victim in the killings, which took place during two separate robberies two weeks apart, was a 23-year-old convenience store worker.

A witnessed who received immunity from prosecution testified at trial that he, Williams and two other men took 120 dollars from the store's cash register before Williams shot the young man execution-style and mocked the gurgling sounds the victim made as he lay dying.

Williams was also found guilty of the shotgun murders of a family of three people in a Los Angeles motel.

Williams, who presented an alibi for his whereabouts at the time of the killings, argued in his appeal that Los Angeles County prosecutors had engaged in racial discrimination by seeking to keep black people off his trial jury."


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