goddamn but i want your poetry in my veins again like thunder under stormy skies and eyes upon us as in olden days when we thought we were so much younger than we really were.

my anger bubbles up and over sometimes and I long for your presence to diffuse my tempered steel, water to quench my just desert. just desert. your trees sway for me with you in them, branches dreaming of roots and vices versus us forever and another ever and a day like today, hollow but for emptiness.

salesmen of our selves we run rampant through whatever ramparts rise before us, braving battlements and raingutters alike for the sake of salvation and her gemstones. forget about whatever it is you think you lack, for you lack only me.


Blogger Sam Dillon said...

I just made her call out your name like you asked. she sounded like she was faking it, sorry buddy. are you losing your mojo? no, I'm sure you've still got some nina simone records, and probably a bottle of wine to shove your whole head inside like a vagina. if when doing so you find yourself suffocated, say my name three times and you will regain consciousness. this is how you learn to fuck with only words and wishes. when we walk oblivion together will it be before or after our footsteps? what if the revolution starts without us? what if we sleep late? better get back on the past and grind out a few more memories, before the typewriter starts attacking you with it's fingers, like an old jealous lover out for blood.

12:46 AM  

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