The border comes down for a few scant days and no one on our side of the world even notices

This was quite possibly the most amazing thing to happen in recent history and no one in the mainstream media even touched upon it unless it was from an Israeli or Egyptian perspective. The western world makes me sick. If anyone has access to photos of Palestinians climbing over that stupid wall please send them my way. Why'd we make such a big deal over eastern and western germany and their wall? As usual the BBC has a smidgen of interesting news to offer up on this subject but we in the developed nations have better things to be worrying about like hurricanes and stock values and fast food and corrupt politicians, why should we worry about a few sand niggers on the other side of the world who never did anything for us? Good thing the fucking Zionists bulldozed all their perfectly good homes before giving Gaza back to the Palestinians. What the hell good does that do? Bulldozing brand new buildings. Fuck you Sharon. Fuck you Mr. President. Fuck you Mainstream Media. Fuck you corporate spin doctors. Fuck you greedy Jewish disillusioned Zionist assholes. One holocaust does not deserve another.

Check out Al-Jazeera's coverage via their site


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