The Avian Flu Fright: Politically Timed for Global “Iatrogenocide”

This is some scary shit man. What if everyone who panics and gets this $100 a pop shot ends up contracting this virus bred by the government to thin the herd, keep the public docile, distracted & frightened and keep the dollars rolling in?

If avian flu becomes more than a threatened pandemic, it will have done so by political and economic design. This thesis is supported by current massive media misrepresentations, profiteering on risky and valueless vaccines, gross neglect of data evidencing earlier similar man-made plagues including SARS, West Nile Virus, AIDS and more; continuance of genetic studies breeding more mutant flu viruses likely to outbreak, inside trading scandals involving pandemic savvy White House and drug industry officials, curious immunity of these pharmaceutical entities over the past century to law enforcement and mainstream media scrutiny, and published official depopulation objectives. With the revelations and assertions advanced herein, the public is forewarned against this physician-assisted mass murder best termed “iatrogenocide.”* This genocidal imposition is expected to serve mainly economic and political depopulation objectives

* The term “iatrogenocide” is derived from the combination of words “iatrogenesis,” meaning physician induced illness, and “genocide,” defined as the mass killing and/or enslaving of people for economics, politics, and/or ideology.

Alright, here's some more stuff. Politics of a Pandemic
by Shaula Evans
This essay is an excellent amalgamation of points, fingering the intentional mismanagement and cronyism of the Bush administration. Our country's government has been set-up to fail in the face of disaster, exacerbating the problems and lining the pockets of a few powerful white men. We're fucked.

Oh yeah, guess who makes money from this bird flu scare?
Who Owns the Rights on Tamiflu: Rumsfeld To Profit From Bird Flu Hoax
That's right. We're neck deep in this nightmare and I don't know how to get out of it.

And just in case, here's what Wiki has to say about everything involving everything else: Welcome to The Flu Wiki

This site has some solid info as well: Bird Flu Epidemic is a Hoax ...as well as some scary stuff: "Meanwhile, the "Biodefense and Pandemic Vaccine and Drug Development Act of 2005" (S. 1873), recently passed out of the U.S. Senate HELP Committee one day after it was introduced. The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is calling the bill "a drug company stockholder's dream and a consumer's worst nightmare." This bill, spurred by bird flu fears, will broadly eliminate corporate liability for vaccines and drugs. This bill will soon go to the full Senate for a vote."

Check out this site as well, the link on Rummy is from here: Global Research


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