US Army Field Training Poster for Soldiers in Iraq

these are photos of the actual laminated fold-out 'guide' the Army gives our troops over there in Iraq. I don't know where to acquire one of these babies if you're not a G.I. but there's gotta be a way. Or send me some $$ and I'll make you a copy. Thanks for the tip XXXX, THIS OFFER IS FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY! If the Army wants to prosecute me for sharing trade secrets they can speak to my attorney about freedom of speech and the dissemination of information, or they can rule blogs and bloggers as a threat to national security and close our asses down. But even that won't shut us up! So use it while you got it fellow web riders. The end is always nigh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

watch out dude. if I remember right, flip side says "for official use only"

might not want to offer it for sale.


5:39 PM  

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