abrecaminos: letter to an open door

for natalie, still

we walk
talk wishes like will-o-the-wisps
trade alphabets of memories
swap visions without giving up our eyes
I let your voice trickle down my throat
like sunlight filled with wine
we walk and talk of time and troubles
travels unraveled in this myth of knowing
ancient shattered souls are we
cast, recast and doomed to be broken once more
I taste tenderness inside your gaze
a longing long longed for before
back when days were plays
and all the stars were actors
youth was just another title we threw on and off
an old coat we sometimes wear to cry or die in now
and look! your youth knows larger worlds
than all my timeless thirsting wonder can divulge
we call ourselves poets and giggle
ponder valiant sunsets
counting pennies in the pond
we farm the simplest of island fantasies
crafted from romantic notions of harmony and bliss
and I’ve talked hours with your eyes by now
confirmed their depth and dedication
we talk
walk ribbons round each other’s worries
bind them tight and snip the ends
and sigh and fidget something flirtatious
a smoky sense of past and present
every poet knows it…
that drunken feeling of hopeless delight
that silent urging on
and walking talking time slips lazy
background fades to a static pulse
faint movements and noise
it’s warm for february
you’re nervous
and so am I
and my hand trembles
and I hear rum goes well with apple juice
and tiny daydreams

two sittings

abrecaminos – those who make a way where there is none
abre – to open
caminos - way
discovered feb. ’03 - week two - a silver sky - jim bodeen


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