Copwatch.com -- Policing the Police

Interesting new site... have to register though... anyone know if this is cool or does my name just go on another twelve government lists as soon as I click enter?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, of course it is a cool site (though I tend to think it is a bit overstated at times...) and yes, your name surely goes onto a list somewhere when you click enter. So did mine; but then, they can just get that data from the document request forms I file every week with the local police department!

Step one to becoming a citizen is losing the fear of your identity being used "against you." After all, how could you give compliance to someone who would even consider punishing you for simply questioning their authority?

You simply cannot be a citizen unless you are willing to stand up, and state your full name while you stare the armed thug in the face and tell him to give you his f*ing badge number already.

BTW, I'm Drew Hendricks - Olympia Copwatch 360-870-3127

6:03 PM  

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