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This is the home page of Ezra Clayton Daniels, author of my new favorite self-published comic book: The Changers. Evidently he lives in P-Town just south of our fair city of Olympia. Check out his site, he's a talented man. Futuristic philosophy, cultural criticism, bohemian style. A cool, crisp, inspiring young voice.

from Ezra's site:

"SYNOPSIS: Two young men (Bisso and Geaza) from an apexed Human society in the distant future are sent back in time to the year 2027 to catalyze a leap in Human evolution. When a mutated 'visitor' from this altered future is sent back on behalf of his people to formally thank them, the events that follow and the things they learn about this new future of 'higher cultural potential' convince one of the men that their Mission will be a success, and the other that it will be a failure.

'The Changers' is a unique epic of subtle realism that reverentially embraces the conceptual foundations of the Science Fiction genre. The story's drama arises from the acute psychological conflict manifesting between Bisso and Geaza, and the lengths to which each will go to make the other submit. Their positions staked firmly on morally unstable grounds, these are not heroes and villains, but simply people made remarkable by nothing more than their places of origin - and the emotionally crippling burden set upon them by those they left behind.

Thematically, 'The Changers' is an exploration of the nature of perfection. When the Human race finally achieves its highest aspirations, what will be left to strive for? Bisso and Geaza collectively represent the culmination of all Human ambition, but the tension between them ultimately stems from their fundamental difference in personality. The conflict itself is in the definition of the Human ideal: Both of these men are supposedly perfect, but being so rudimentarily different, only one of them truly can be..."


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