Pirate Papa Blog Launched

I scoured the internet for days, turning up only vague message-board references and a few scant articles. Bare bones to be sure. But there were thousands of mama 'zines and resources for young mothers, articles, essays, books, talk shows. What about the fathers? What about the single dads and creating some community and resources for them? What about the punk papas, the anarcho-green papas, the socialist papas, the homosexual papas, the papas who never get to see their kids because of work or custody battles or some other barrier thrown up by a society willing to focus only on the symptoms and not the root causes of its problems? What about the papas who no one ever helped?

Where are our shelves upon shelves of books? Where are our homemade 'zines? Where are our legions of social workers? I always hear everyone talk about how rough young mothers have it and it's true. But our society is geared towards creating more young mothers than it is young fathers and the pieces will only start clicking into place when we stop effectively ignoring half of the equation and start fostering a truly egalitarian system of parental education in this "great nation." Read More...

Pirate Papa is currently seeking submissions, personal stories, resources, zines, ideas, words, wishes, good food and some solid rest.


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