Stanley 'Tookie' Williams Death Rapidly Approaches

I wrote Gov. Arnold. I posted on my blog. I talked with friends and family about this issue (none of whom had any idea who Williams was). This is a tragedy indeed. My only hope is that death is quick and painless for this great conflicted man who has tried his utmost these past years. Like our dear leader Mr. Bush I sort of hope that race riots do ensue so that Bush can declare an emergency and fuck some more shit up. I like it when he does anything remotely terrible because something always goes wrong on his end of the stick as well and controversy breeds growth. Death, however, does not and cannot breed life. Ask me on some other tuesday at 12:04 in the morning and I might vehemently defend the death penalty under certain circumstances (for instance: if your last name ends with or rhymes with Cheney). But right now I'm feeling green and humane and forgiving. I'm feeling like it's worthless to pin so much gang violence on one man who's hands have been clean for decades now. I'm feeling like we should take a good long deep look at the root causes of our nation's problems and stop treating the symptoms like some hack doc out to shave a quick buck off the hairy hairy thighs of his next obese victim. So peace out Stanley. I'm roastin' one for you right now my man. And tomorrow I will try to track down your kids books to procure for and read to my children in the hopes that your words will strike a chord some day in the hearts and minds of some troubled youth and convince them to go another way. And when that plunger is hovering over your arm, I hope your regrets are few and that you've thirty years in heaven before the devil knows yer dead.


Blogger Master Luke said...

Damn that Tookie was one big fuckin cookie! I'll bet if he were to be set free he would start eating children again. Auf vedazen tookie. sounds right.

9:48 AM  
Blogger Master Luke said...

hi sky. I hope you are having a good day my white.

9:49 AM  

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