drunk but not alone for a short while in my home town harrowing madness lounge with burgess

shooting pool at the green lantern tavern whilst beers are emptied and old times recompensed. too glad to not see anyone else i've known before, just fresh faces and easy times as I take them both two games running at cut-throat. at my mother's house my 17 year old cat, Willow, meows obnoxiously in the kitchen, 2:12 a.m. and Brando sleeps wheezing at my feet, older than I never thought he'd get. But life fools you that way some days, pulling the old time-fast on ya, wool over the soul-pulling it is and fierce and hip and wicked and necessary. just like my love for your anonymous eyes feasting on these most humble of words.


Blogger Master Luke said...

Sky, sorry I missed you in Waller Wallar. Call me next time. Maybe the your voice will inspire me to go out and open the hood of my runner and get my hands greasy.
Drinking more STBKS and feeling like I'm about to explode. Spring is upon us. Stay Up.

8:44 AM  
Blogger Amos said...

Spring is upon us indeed. It isn't just the crocus, but the trees too, that are budding. The flashing magpies are building nests and I can't wait to hike out along a river someplace to sleep for a few days in the shade of slumping willows and whispering wood-fairies telling me too many stories to capture, but damn I'm gonna try.

Next time you head out to Walla Walla, I could really use a friend to hike with for a while and scribble some words around a page to make some kind of sense or joyful nonsense.

Be well Sky. Enjoy Spring with your lovely ladies!

7:27 PM  

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