up at six am with girls
to work on wood for 2 1/2 hours with an 86 year old man with bad knees and a pacemaker who puts me to shame with his timeless sweat and tireless chainsaw
lifting over the course of the day two or three tons worth of wood and books and babes late afternoon i collapse for a quick scattered slip of shut-eye

tomorrow to portland and then walla walla with my angels for a week with grandpa and grandma and more books and the dry eastern dusts and my old cabin and perhaps a little huffstodt thrown in

"throw your hands up if you've ever been in handcuffs
hands up if you depend on public transit"
- Saints of Everyday Failures
from their new album The State of the Art is Failure

keep rockin' olympia guys, that cd release show was the shit! catch ya on the flip-side goonie.


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