Dropping Knowledge

A fascinating idea put to practical use. Like a worldwide round-table with no back-talking. I like it. Gets the old juices flowing!

"We believe that asking questions improves the world. Dropping knowledge means dropping the assumption that we know all the answers. It means questioning the conventional wisdom. It means figuring out which questions are the most important to ask, sharing answers and then challenging those answers. We call the practice of asking questions and sharing wisdom, dropping knowledge.However one defines knowledge, by dropping it freely
to others, we all gain wisdom to improve the world.

Dropping knowledge is an educational resource and online network that connects people around the globe seeking to exchange ideas and solutions to the most pressing issues of our day. We believe that as our challenges become global, so must our communications and actions.

Our activities create collective wisdom for social change. A unique combination of interactive and audio-visual technology allows the user to engage a web archive of content from a wide variety of individuals and organizations.

Through interactive media, events, and a living library, we generate debate, enable people to participate in defining and prioritizing issues, and facilitate the exchange of solutions. dropping knowledge celebrates multiple viewpoints and insights from some of the most thoughtful leaders of our day."
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