Idaho Blows

This is the most hilarious thing I have ever seen. Granted I'm from Walla Walla, the town so white they had to name it after something Native and make me suffer mounds of ridicule for the remainder of my days here. This site is rather rude and blunt at points but that's how Idaho's landscape molds the minds there. There's some beautiful places in Idaho, but not many beautiful people. My buddy Luke offers a fine example of Idaho's kind: he's a hulking behemoth fueled by booze, potatoes and cheap thrills and has come to epitomize my idea of Idaho. Of course, Les Purce, our beloved president of Evergreen, hails from Boise I believe. I ran into a few people who knew him a couple years back, talked of his crazy ways, parties, politics, the whole she-bang. Les, you dog. Anyway, this site kicks ass. Not just because they linked to Last Word's Blog a while back, or because they regularly peruse Technoccult, just because their ego outstrips just about anything else I've come across recently. Please scope this site and toss one back for old Idaho, she needs it these days.


Blogger Master Luke said...

Now Sky, I take great umbrage to the afore mentioned sentiments of ignorance uttered by you about the great state of Idaho and it's residents. Given and understood, Mr. Sky may have a skewed view of my home state because of many of my, the referenced "Luke", antics and subscription to the stereoptypes. Yes, I was fueled, and sometimes still am fueled by booze (more regularly potatoes now)and cheap thrills. But take it from me, the thrills aren't that cheap anymore. Perhaps I could be called a "bohemouth" and I definitely dream of sleeping with a large weapons cache under my bed. I know this for fact: one may count the number of times our dear Sky has been to Idaho on one hand missing a finger or two. Moreover, my dear friend doesn't really remember one of those times because he fell asleep on my friend's roof, drunker than a skunk and I, and when I went to retrieve us another round he rolled off and suffered a semi-major concussion. On top of all the Bob afterwards to quell the pain I doubt he remembers much, at least memories of what really happened. Further Idaho is not only full of grand and terrible mountainscapes and open space, it is full, at least halfway, with wonderful, caring, progressive, liberal, fun and often drunk bohemouths such as myself. So, I say with all possible modesty, if you think Idaho blows then stay the fuck out or Idaho will blow you away. Peace and love from an Idaho native and Sky's bohemouth friend and brother, Luke.

2:24 PM  

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