NOSWEATSTORE - Sweatshop-Free Eco Friendly Products!

A little pricey but what the hell, right? It's cause everyone's getting paid what they deserve and we're already spoiled americans right? We're already used to expensive shoes.

You can make a difference:

Chinese workers making toy cars and "Bobblehead" dolls work mandatory seven-day weeks including 18 - 20 hour shifts, with only one day off every other month for 16.5 cents/hour. They are forbidden to form unions. On the other side of the world, workers in Mexican Maquiladoras would need to see their pay doubled just to have even the most basic amenities - sanitary drinking water and indoor plumbing, but such pay raises would mean those jobs would flee to cheaper locales like China.

When you buy products made by fairly paid workers in safe environments, you not only support those workers, but those plants then become examples for others that you can be ethical and treat people fairly and still prosper economically. Thats making a difference!
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