See what selling books can lead to?

Hi, Sky,

Thanks for the book, The Police Sniper. I'm doing a book on the
murder of JFk, and needed the book for it's discussions on
ballistics, trajectory, etc. My JFK book will summarize the 2000 or
so books already written covering how Lee Harvey Oswald was not the
killer, and what really happened (only 1% of the books written
support the Warren Commission, but those are the only ones you ever
hear about).

I'm not a gun person, so your book filled in the gaps in my knowledge
and will permit me to discuss the ballistics and trajectory end of
the story intelligently for the numerous shots fired from behind from
at least two locations. The shot or shots fired from the front (the
storm drain for sure, maybe the grassy knoll, too, though the
evidence on that is very weak) don't need ballistics analysis, being
so close to the target. It's really amazing how many factors can
come into play to govern the path of a bullet once it is fired from a
rifle - easily a dozen or more major considerations, everything from
wind, to rotating the weapon, to high-low trajectory complications,
moving target, spin of the bullet, and on and on. As a woodsman, you
may already know all of this.

We probably are related. There aren't that many Cosbys around. The
Cosbys came to America from England about 300 years ago, one branch
going to New York, the other branch going to Georgia and Tennessee.
Unfortunately, the Southern branch, like most Southerners, had less
than no respect for Africans being human and had children via slaves,
who then acquired their last name. Read Lincoln's Second Inaugural
Address, which is also engraved in the Lincoln Memorial in DC, for a
nice discussion of that Southern mentality. My family hails from the
New York branch, where thank God we held no slaves.

Interestingly, Sky, my eBay handle is pwcskylands, because I have 202
mostly wooded acres on a 2100 foot mountain top in NE Pennsylvania
that is one of the few places on the East Coast with genuinely dark
night skies. I'd like to put a world class telescope on my land, and
let it be used by astronomy graduate students at some major

My nickname for 53 years has been "Bill." No one forgets that, and I
consider it an honor to share the same name with such a great man.
There is also a Bill Cosby in American history, who is my ancestor,
whose honor you can judge for yourself: Governor William Cosby of
New York Colony was a loyalist to the King. When the editor of the
largest New York City newpaper in the early 1700's wrote a series of
scathing editorials against the King, the King directed Gov. Cosby to
prosecute Peter Zenger for treason. Zenger chose a jury trial and
won, the landmark victory in freedom of the press, which later became
the First Amendment to the Constitution, the foundation of the Bill
of Rights.

Maybe this will be an inspiration for you to research it out and
write a poem about it. My brother, Rev. James Cosby, Los Angeles, once found a portrait of Gov. Cosby in a museum
in Northern Ireland and took a photo of the painting.

I'll keep you in mind next time I order any books. If you have any
books on the murder of JFK, let me know, and I'll see if they could
be of any use to me. I already have the key books, but I really
ought to have more of the 2000 written if I'm going to cover the
topic properly.


Paul W. ("Bill") Cosby, MD, Forest City, PA


The Primary and most beautiful of Nature's qualities
is motion, which agitates her at all times, but this
motion is simply the perpetual consequence of crimes,
it is conserved by means of crimes alone.
(D.A.F. De Sade)
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