I find a few parts of my old life I'd rather not remember...

but they treat me well enough at 3:33 a.m. on what I've come to call a "friender".

Busy busy rekindling old ties with fast friends who folly towards solitude, like me. But don't we always fail in our lonely attempts and come crawling back to the beginning, which is also us?

The narrative thread winding through my disjointed dialogue with death or something close to endings. I tied my tongue with threads thieved from tyrants tough and troubled, their audience aghast at such impurities of spirit sacred and sanctioned by said holy holiest of saints beneath our banner of dissent.

enough. relax and read, despite the distant thunder, despite the fallacy of hope, despite this breadth of bookshelves.

i remain reticent and solitary, waiting for your spark.


these are the kinds of notes I take

“sweety, you can’t stand that close to fight club, you need to play in the kitchen or the window and if you don’t then I’m gonna chew on your bumblebee costume until its soaked in drool.”

jingle bells – knots on my hammock

precise fragments [title]
“it is a luxury to be understood”

a song book and a talk book
“a good morning is when the sun wakes up outside”
“not a normal daddy”


le mot juste – “the right word” (complete idiots guide to a smart vocabulary)
pessimism and paranoia

judiciary poetics





create a parental etymology

daniel – “a pattern of consciousness and wisdom” – ezekiel

judgement of god, god my judge

mesach – “that draws with force”

shadrach – ‘tender, nipple’

abednego – ‘shining; servant of light

(daniel’s companions)

cast into a den of lions

she’s my daniel come to judgement

“a wise and upright judge”

one of the 4 great prophets

NOT mentioned in the Old Testament

interpretation of dream

memes are irrepressible

‘i dink muh’

‘bing, bing, bing’

‘pitty fwowuhs fo mama at gramma’s home’

sign share – ‘eamon home’


upon waking (5:37pm)

lyli says 10-14 words approximating the events which led to the bandage on her forehead. i catch: ‘mama ‘ome’ ‘bandage ahhhn’ ‘fawh down’ ‘chair’ ‘wine cabinet’ & ‘cheese crackers’

thumb toe finger tummy

‘dwah on paypuh’ – mama’s home, papa’s home, shawna’s home, noah’s home

‘i dropped my crayon in a crack’

would that i could be so bold a creature as to live

big brother isn’t watching, he’s collating

‘mi papa’ ‘no, mi papa’

mi di-a-puh

mi bithycal

calling each other: ‘come sister’ - ‘coming!’

mediocrity’s momentum

stab a wager or hazard a guess

my girls play house across the landscape of my chest

s- ‘shushu haf teem bi hrsf’

to dry a fire

gitmo and the superconductor – S & M

james tate

tony hoagland

hate hotel

lyli – singular dish, bowl dish, a very categorical girl

1st round draft pix – title for collection of sloppy baseball poems


http://mhpbooks.com/ - book blog


old turtle and the broken truth

trilingual books in english spanish and sign language

illegal art 0-8118-4749-7

octopus conspiracy

they have a word for it – rheingold

the meaning of tingo – adam jacot de bolnod

anaclypsis – godfrey higgins

laci cole – bell hooks style bks, political slant, jensen, teaching material

how to be a nonconformist

happy to be nappy

cathy hansen – st. martin’s librarian head

howard robertson

passive aggression

feigned cooperation

vindictive mediocrity




this is the eternal struggle of the artist: to ration out those minutes so lusted for by others, when, after all criticisms and hindsights are in, would have been worth more to hold onto.

paul farmer

kidder – mountains beyond mountains

partners in health – daniel’s rex.




think about the object subjectively and the subject objectively

the revolution will be letterpressed

sf stories set in the bookstores of alien and future civilizations

socerers covens on zlata ulicka – medieval street of gold

hulking ancients

clad in endless ivy

native like i am native

cracking a beer into the first curve headed for home

the longitude of his grimace

it had latitude

a clicka nd a half to our whiskey

a temper i’ve gotta lose or lock up

another two years of crazy

dancing without drugs

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