feeling ballsy?

yes, it's one of those random word generators for slipping sex pill ads through your e-mail filters. isn't life odd? frankly, as a poet, i love this shit. is there a word for it?

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scares outta working unplugged
sequence MUSTmatch overnight
shiny aligned CDs.
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sense amount internet CDROM
Youve good universe. sharp
townMORE WORLD HEADLINES paralyze Mumbai death exceeds urges action
PaintBall Blotter Geist
Common ribbons
literacy Second contained acid
weekthe thelast update
PROCEDURE Supp. Alone:
GHz .GHz MCE Remote
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raceUS sued trialUS courts
usually cheaply intended sale.A
lengtha vs tensionto ModeI
EDTMcEwen Tours fourth
Atlantic Northwest Gulf
xaecd gundam creature pride
Daily Updates Sports
endoffile final null IMPORTANT NOTE: sequence
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