The Avian Flu Fright: Politically Timed for Global “Iatrogenocide”

This is some scary shit man. What if everyone who panics and gets this $100 a pop shot ends up contracting this virus bred by the government to thin the herd, keep the public docile, distracted & frightened and keep the dollars rolling in?

If avian flu becomes more than a threatened pandemic, it will have done so by political and economic design. This thesis is supported by current massive media misrepresentations, profiteering on risky and valueless vaccines, gross neglect of data evidencing earlier similar man-made plagues including SARS, West Nile Virus, AIDS and more; continuance of genetic studies breeding more mutant flu viruses likely to outbreak, inside trading scandals involving pandemic savvy White House and drug industry officials, curious immunity of these pharmaceutical entities over the past century to law enforcement and mainstream media scrutiny, and published official depopulation objectives. With the revelations and assertions advanced herein, the public is forewarned against this physician-assisted mass murder best termed “iatrogenocide.”* This genocidal imposition is expected to serve mainly economic and political depopulation objectives

* The term “iatrogenocide” is derived from the combination of words “iatrogenesis,” meaning physician induced illness, and “genocide,” defined as the mass killing and/or enslaving of people for economics, politics, and/or ideology.

Alright, here's some more stuff. Politics of a Pandemic
by Shaula Evans
This essay is an excellent amalgamation of points, fingering the intentional mismanagement and cronyism of the Bush administration. Our country's government has been set-up to fail in the face of disaster, exacerbating the problems and lining the pockets of a few powerful white men. We're fucked.

Oh yeah, guess who makes money from this bird flu scare?
Who Owns the Rights on Tamiflu: Rumsfeld To Profit From Bird Flu Hoax
That's right. We're neck deep in this nightmare and I don't know how to get out of it.

And just in case, here's what Wiki has to say about everything involving everything else: Welcome to The Flu Wiki

This site has some solid info as well: Bird Flu Epidemic is a Hoax ...as well as some scary stuff: "Meanwhile, the "Biodefense and Pandemic Vaccine and Drug Development Act of 2005" (S. 1873), recently passed out of the U.S. Senate HELP Committee one day after it was introduced. The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is calling the bill "a drug company stockholder's dream and a consumer's worst nightmare." This bill, spurred by bird flu fears, will broadly eliminate corporate liability for vaccines and drugs. This bill will soon go to the full Senate for a vote."

Check out this site as well, the link on Rummy is from here: Global Research


US Judge Sets December Date to Execute Nobel Peace Prize Nominee & Crips gang founder Stanley "Tookie" Williams


Please contact California Governer Arnold Schwarzenegger via this link California Gov Mail regarding this very pertinent issue. Stanley Williams turned his life around in prison and has become an exemplary model for young people today. He does not deserve the death penalty. He deserves a fair trial with an ethnically-mixed impartial jury and at the very worst should serve life in prison without possibility of parole. Please contact the governer and plead with him for a stay of execution and ask your friends to do the same.

"...since receiving his death sentence, Williams, 51, has renounced his gang past, penned children's books, been the subject of a television movie starring Jamie Foxx and been nominated for the world's top peace prize."
"...no condemned murderer has been granted clemency in California since 1967."
"Known as "Big Took" to fellow Crips, Williams helped build the gang into a nationwide criminal enterprise that continues to spawn street violence more than 30 years later.

He was convicted and sentenced to death for committing four 1979 murders, but he has consistently maintained his innocence.

The first victim in the killings, which took place during two separate robberies two weeks apart, was a 23-year-old convenience store worker.

A witnessed who received immunity from prosecution testified at trial that he, Williams and two other men took 120 dollars from the store's cash register before Williams shot the young man execution-style and mocked the gurgling sounds the victim made as he lay dying.

Williams was also found guilty of the shotgun murders of a family of three people in a Los Angeles motel.

Williams, who presented an alibi for his whereabouts at the time of the killings, argued in his appeal that Los Angeles County prosecutors had engaged in racial discrimination by seeking to keep black people off his trial jury."


Weathered Pages Northwest poetry anthology released by Blue Begonia Press!

~Just attended an excellent poetry reading in Yakima this afternoon in honor of the 10th anniversary of the poetry pole at Blue Begonia Press. Words were woven together by a far-stretching family, some faces unfamiliar, but all souls holy, into a tapestry spanning several generations and many nations. The Poetry Pole's legacy is now set in stone as well as soil, to be enjoyed by the many instead of a scant few. Many thanks to Jim and Karen Bodeen, Dan Peters, Terry Martin and photographer & poet Rob Prout for all their hard work. Thanks also to my fantastic parents for taking care of the babies and thanks to Stephanie for being beautiful by my side. The book, Weathered Pages, looks wonderful! Good to see so many writers and poets and friends side-by-side: good 'ole Charlie Potts, Alice Derry, Barry Grimes, Jeremy Gaulke, Paul Hunter, Judith Roche, fellow Olympian Bill Yake and my new friends Keely Murphy and Lindsay Brown. Other authors who were unfortunately absent include: Jim Bertolino, Madeline DeFrees, Evergreen Professor Bill Ransom, Copper Canyon Press & Poets Against the War Founder Sam Hamill, Pongo Publishing's Richard Gold, klipshutz, Walla Walla poetess Linda Andrews, Walla Walla College Professor Dan Lamberton, my buddy Stephen Thomas, the wandering Dick Bakken, Andy Clausen, Yakima's Marty Lovins, Lynn Martin, author of The Light That Whispers Morning Kevin Miller, and many more! Contact Blue Begonia Press by mail at 225 So 15th Ave, Yakima, Wa 98902 and mail something to the poetry pole! until i get a picture of the cover of the book here's a cool old frans masereel block print to satisfy your eyeballs.


luxury is an object or activity whose necessity is not concrete and whose function is more emotive than productive

The Other Hurricane: Has the Age of Chaos Begun? or Just How Fucked Are We?

another good Mike Davis article. I like this guy's angle. highly recommend checking out his book Dead Cities. one mouthful of a word: ghettogeomorphology. City of Quartz is also fantastic. His newest book is called Planet of Slums and I'm sure it's good but in the meantime check out this article please. courtesy of CommonDreams.

*first recorded south Atlantic hurricane in history*
(back in March of 2004)
was Catarina a "threshold" event, signaling some fundamental and abrupt change of state in the planet's climate system?
...research on global change is pointing toward worst-case scenarios.

All of this, of course, is a perverse tribute to industrial capitalism and extractive imperialism as geological forces so formidable that they have succeeded in scarcely more than two centuries -- indeed, mainly in the last fifty years -- in knocking the earth off its climatic pedestal and propelling it toward the nonlinear unknown.
The demon in me wants to say: Party and make merry. No need now to worry about Kyoto, recycling your aluminum cans, or using too much toilet paper, when, soon enough, we'll be debating how many hunter-gathers can survive in the scorching deserts of New England or the tropical forests of the Yukon.
The good parent in me, however, screams: How is it possible that we can now contemplate with scientific seriousness whether our children's children will themselves have children? Let Exxon answer that in one of their sanctimonious ads.


Politics of Dissent

A sharp blog by an Arizona attorney, smart, subtle, stylish, poignant. Some nice links too.

"The dissenter is every human being at those moments of his life when he resigns momentarily from the herd and thinks for himself." Archibald MacLeish

Narco News: The Zapatistas Interrogate History

An excellent up-to-date piece on the Zapatista's recent movements. Courtesy of Narcosphere.

“…We will conquer the place that belongs to us and that we deserve as indigenous people, as peasants, as the exploited. The fight is ours, our heritage is ours, history is ours.”

– Comandante David
Zapatista Army of National Liberation
September 16, 2005

“Political action is insufficient if it is not preceded by a transformation of the very structure of society and by an examination of the assumptions on which it is based.” - Octavio Paz in Labyrinth of Solitude


Mission Islam

An interesting site I came across recently, not sure what to make of everything yet but it looks to be a fairly decent reference site.

Sense of Place Resource Page

Not a bad reference site for a wholly unappreciated field.

Subcomandante Marcos, "The Plan for the Zapatista Departure"

Latest breaking words from the father of postmodern revolution or The Zapatista Road Trip! This is actually from mid September, sorry. Just got around to reading it. Link courtesy of Interactivist Info Exchange.


Scrutiny Hooligans

This blog is pretty dope but I had to draw attention to their World Blog Links section in the hopes that maybe if we're really nice us stupid Americans could learn a thing or two.

World Blogs


EFF: Legal Guide for Bloggers

An excellent resource to keep handy, along with my lawyer, rifle, and fake passports.

Twenty-five Questions about the Murder of the Big Easy - Mike Davis and Anthony Fontenot

An excellent investigative job by the author of Dead Cities & City of Quartz. By far the best list of questions I have found to date on the New Orleans debacle and it posits an interesting idea. In this world of hijacked elections, fake news, televised wars, digital sex, and corporate drugs why shouldn't we be able to commit citycide? Postmodernity has offered us many strange ideas, if only we could embrace a few of the better ones we might be able to learn something. These are just a few examples, please read the entire article.

2. Who owned the huge barge that was catapulted through the wall of the Industrial Canal, killing hundreds in the Lower Ninth Ward -- the most deadly hit-and-run accident in U.S. history?
6. Why wasn't the nearby U.S.S. Bataan immediately sent to the aid of New Orleans? The huge amphibious-landing ship had a state-of-the-art, 600-bed hospital, water and power plants, helicopters, food supplies, and 1,200 sailors eager to join the rescue effort.
15. The French Quarter has one of the highest densities of restaurants in the nation. Once the acute shortages of food and water at the Superdome and the Convention Center were known, why didn't officials requisition supplies from hotels and restaurants located just a few blocks away? (As it happened, vast quantities of food were simply left to spoil.)
20. Who is responsible for the suspicious fires that have swept the city? Why have so many fires occurred in blue-collar areas that have long been targets of proposed gentrification, such as the Section 8 homes on Constance Street in the Lower Garden District or the wharfs along the river in Bywater?
24. As politicians talk about "disaster czars" and elite-appointed reconstruction commissions, and as architects and developers advance utopian designs for an ethnically cleansed "new urbanism" in New Orleans, where is any plan for the substantive participation of the city's ordinary citizens in their own future?

Link courtesy of The Interactivist Info Exchange, a blog created by Autonomedia and Interactivist.



This is a fun concept. I always had a blast as a young rabble-rouser climbing scaffolding and getting into buildings on Whitman College Campus. Also check out the article on squatting in office buildings in Crimethinc.'s new magazine Rolling Thunder, it's superb! Link courtesy of the
Crimethinc. Ex-Worker's Collective

Infiltration offers a mix of the practice and theory of urban exploration in areas not designed for public usage. This site is the online companion of the paper zine about going places you're not supposed to go. The latest issue of the zine, focusing on military leftovers, came out in June 2005. It's black and white, but you might like it anyhow.


WorldChanging: Another World Is Here: Hydrokinetic Energy in Scotland

Couple this with the recent advents in sea farming technologies on an industrial scale and we've got ourselves either a great fall back for after the apocalypse or a brand new frontier to conquer!

Although hydrokinetic power -- energy generated from the tides, currents and waves -- has a great deal of potential as a primary source of power generation around much of the world, it doesn't have the visibility of technologies such as solar and wind power. This is due, in large part, to the relative scarcity of real-world implementations of marine energy. Many of the existing examples are test-beds, small-scale efforts to demonstrate that the concept is viable. But the demonstration efforts have been well-received, and Portugal will be opening the first commercial wave farm next year, and South Korea will be opening a tidal power project in 2009.

NOSWEATSTORE - Sweatshop-Free Eco Friendly Products!

A little pricey but what the hell, right? It's cause everyone's getting paid what they deserve and we're already spoiled americans right? We're already used to expensive shoes.

You can make a difference:

Chinese workers making toy cars and "Bobblehead" dolls work mandatory seven-day weeks including 18 - 20 hour shifts, with only one day off every other month for 16.5 cents/hour. They are forbidden to form unions. On the other side of the world, workers in Mexican Maquiladoras would need to see their pay doubled just to have even the most basic amenities - sanitary drinking water and indoor plumbing, but such pay raises would mean those jobs would flee to cheaper locales like China.

When you buy products made by fairly paid workers in safe environments, you not only support those workers, but those plants then become examples for others that you can be ethical and treat people fairly and still prosper economically. Thats making a difference!
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